Can the Revolution Liberate Women, Too?
Kamel, Bothaina - Candidate for the Presidency of Egypt

2012-03-08 19:40:00
Ann Arbor, MI - University of Michigan - Museum of Art Stern Auditorium
Duration: 01:25:08

2012 Motorola Lecture on Gender and the Media

Bothaina Kamel, candidate for the presidency of Egypt and television news anchor.

Introduction by Leela Fernandes, Professor of Women's Studies and Political Science

Bothaina Kamel is a well-known television news anchor, long time pro-democracy activist, and the first and only female candidate for the presidency of Egypt. Since the late 1980s Kamel has addressed issues of women’s rights, human rights and corruption in her high profile position. She is deeply connected to the solidarity and human rights campaigns of peaceful protest and organizing in Egypt. Despite harassment and beatings by government and military authorities in the last decade, Kamel continues her brave work for human rights and real democracy.


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