The Social Production of Upscale Cosmopolitanism: Identity and Belonging on an Amsterdam Shopping Street
Zukin, Sharon - Brooklyn College

2012-02-16 4:10 PM
Ann Arbor, MI - University of Michigan - Tisch Hall Room 1014
Duration: 01:51:17

Professor Zukin focuses on the social space of a local shopping street—a space so taken for granted that it hardly appears as a subject of social or cultural research. But local shopping streets are not just sites of economic transactions; they are social spaces where cultural identities are continually reproduced. These are both local and global identities, for in the shopping street both traditional ethnic homogeneity and new ethnic diversity become embedded in a bounded geographical terrain. An everyday, “bread and butter” shopping street carries the DNA of local identity but infuses it with products, people, and practices that come from everywhere. Thus the social space of the street is a crucible of both localization and globalization, a very specific space for producing cosmopolitanism and belonging.

Sharon Zukin, Professor of Sociology at Brooklyn College and Professor of Sociology at the CUNY Graduate Center

Introduction by Ron Suny, Director of the Eisenberg Institute for Historical Studies


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