An installation by Detroit artist Scott Hocking
Hocking, Scott - University of Michigan

2010-03-09 12:07:51-05:00
Ann Arbor, MI - University of Michigan - Room 2022, 202 S. Thayer St.
Duration: 01:26:59

Scott Hocking explores the abandoned buildings and sites of Detroit like a newfangled scientist. He gathers raw data in his excavations, and records his findings using a wholly unique and modern process and method that he intuitively formulates as he goes along. In his ongoing study of a city so rooted in a dense past, and the emotional attachments that accompany it, Hocking is uncompromising and unflinching, and refuses to buy into the hype. These visual essays chronicling urban markings of modern day ruin are not the stuff of tragedy or fodder for magazine centerfolds, but proof of a renaissance in real time. Hocking's work is fully alive, and honors the world going past and us moving forward along with it, exhilarated by industrial parks returning to fallow land, and strawberry bushes growing in the cracked concrete.

About Scott Hocking: Born in Redford Township, Michigan in 1975, Scott Hocking has lived and worked in Detroit since 1996. His installations and photographs have been shown regionally at the Detroit Institute of Arts, Susanne Hilberry Gallery, Michigan, and Cranbrook Art Museum. He has also exhibited at the Smart Museum of Art in Chicago, and internationally at the Kunst-Werke Institute of Contemporary Art in Berlin, Germany, and the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. He will be featured in an upcoming exhibition at the Kunsthalle Wien in Vienna, Austria, and is a 2010 visiting fellow at the U-M Institute for the Humanities.


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