Title: Long March in the Temporalization of Time
Description: Since the publication of his book, Regimes of Historicity: Presentism and Experiences of Time (2003, translated in six languages), which developed the notion of regimes of historicity in order to interrogate our experiences with/of time, in the past and present, here and there, Hartog has undertaken a study of what he calls the long march in the temporalization of time. The questions he asks include: What are the conditions for the temporalization of time? What was necessary to make time become temporal? What kinds of displacements must have occurred in our manner of living, saying, and apprehending it?

Francois Hartog is a Visiting Fellow in the Institute for the Humanities and director of studies at the School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences, Paris, and chair of ancient and modern historiography.
Date Issued: 2010-09-14
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